Continuing Education

To become a member of The Canadian Society of Nutrition Management, applicant's must meet one of three membership requirements.

  • Completion of a CSNM accredited college diploma in Food Services/Supervision/Technology/Management.
  • Completion of a CSNM accredited home study program.
  • Completion of a program which is subject to approval of the Board of Director's of the Society (including studies in diet therapy/human nutrition, adequate supervisory experience, plus successful completion of the CSNM entrance exam).

When CSNM accredits a college or home study program, the accreditation team works to ensure that all aspects of the 8 competencies are met in the program’s curriculum. This ascertains that all graduates have a strong base knowledge in each area. The same criteria is used to review applicant’s applying under criteria #3.

The concept of CSNM's Continuing Education Program is to support members in maintaining the skill set of the 8 core competencies while building on new proficiencies. Active members with the CSNM must attain a minimum of 8 continuing education points, 1 in each of our core competencies every year in order to renew their annual membership with our Society.

If you have suggestions of educational topics that you would like to see in upcoming issues of the magazine or at any of the CSNM Conferences, please email your suggestions to

8 Core Competencies

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